See Your Child Succeed

The Clara Abbott Foundation offers need-based scholarships to help the dependent children of Abbott employees attend accredited colleges or universities, community colleges, vocational and trade schools. Awards may be available to students enrolled in full- or part-time studies to obtain their first undergraduate degree or certificate.

The goal of the Scholarship Program is to help ease the burden of college costs on Abbott families, not fully cover the costs of attending a university. Scholarship awards are based on a number of factors including family income and the average cost of public, in-state or in-country college/university tuition. Scholarships are not renewable  and award amounts can and do fluctuate. Scholarships are never guaranteed.  

Scholarships can help with:

  • The costs of tuition, fees, books and supplies at these accredited schools:
    • College (must qualify as a university [or equivalent]) / Post-secondary / Tertiary
    • Community College
    • University
    • Vocational School
    • Trade School

Scholarships can’t help with:

  • Primary/elementary, middle/intermediate and high school/secondary costs
  • A student’s second Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or advanced degrees such as Master’s, Doctorate, Specialist, etc.
  • Audited courses; seminars not required as part of an undergraduate degree
  • Additional costs for study abroad
  • Any courses not associated with an accredited institution

The Foundation may offer scholarships in every country where Abbott operates, however administration of the program varies depending on the country in which you live. Click button below to learn  more.

We’re ready to help

For Abbott employees, retirees, and their families, The Clara Abbott Foundation is here to provide compassionate, confidential support in times of need.

In order to provide financial assistance or scholarships, we need to fully understand your situation. Therefore, personal information and various documentation will be requested and required throughout the process. In some cases, we will verify information with HR or Abbott.

Financial Assistance College Scholarships

Have you been impacted by a disaster?

Please contact us at +1-847-937-1090 or 1-800-972-3859 or email us at

Before applying, we ask that you consider three things:
  1. Review the eligibility requirements:
  2. Be prepared to be open, honest, and forthcoming about your specific needs and situation throughout the process.
  3. Any misrepresentation of a situation, including fraud, deceit, or concealment with regard to information on an application or obtained during the consultation process will have consequences as defined by the Abbott Business Code of Conduct.