The Clara Abbott Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Abbott families through challenging financial situations.

Have you been impacted by a disaster?

If you are in need of urgent financial assistance, please contact us at +1-847-937-1090 or 1-800-972-3859. We will quickly assess your situation and connect you with the resources you may need to access food, clothing, shelter or other essential living needs.

Please call us or send an email to for more information.

In the event of an emergency, the Foundation:

  • Is available to assist Abbott employees and retirees, and their eligible family members (spouse/children) only.
  • May waive the two-year service requirement
  • Will evaluate eligibility for employees on leave (medical, maternity, other) on an individual basis
  • Only provides financial assistance. We are not able to provide immediate needs, such as accommodations.
  • May provide an expedited review process without a complete financial assessment.
  • Is NOT able to provide any assistance to extended family (parents, siblings, other).
  • Is NOT able to provide support to contractors, third party workers, or contingent workers.
  • Does not collect or organize donations of any kind to support those impacted.
  • Does not provide financial donations to other charitable organizations.

In the days and weeks following a disaster, The Foundation may be able to help eligible employees who can’t afford repairs and replacement of essential household items. Impacted employees will work with a consultant who will evaluate their financial situation including insurance, savings, and other resources to determine if they qualify for a grant. For more information, on our financial grant process, click here.