The Clara Abbott Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Abbott families through challenging financial situations.

What to Expect After Applying for Financial Assistance

Preparing for your Consultation

Your consultant will contact you to schedule time to discuss your situation. He/she will be your point of contact throughout the process and will work on your behalf to help you through your difficult financial situation. Together, you and your consultant will review your application and information, and develop an action plan to address your situation.

During the process, we will require documentation to substantiate your request and determine if you are in financial hardship. This process relies on an honest and transparent exchange of information so we have an accurate and realistic picture of your situation. If at anytime you can’t provide the required document(s) or can’t substantiate your information, please inform your consultant.

The process takes between 4-6 weeks.

Example of documents that may be needed to verify your request

Type of Assistance Requested*


Rent / Mortgage

  • Rent/mortgage agreement
  • Rent/mortgage statement (property address, balance, monthly payment, and any arrears)
  • Documentation showing completed monthly payments

Housing Repairs

  • Legal Proof of ownership
  • Estimates of home repairs (two minimum)
  • Insurance, property taxes and additional fees


  • Proof of ownership
  • Billing statement including vehicle payment
  • Statement/document showing monthly payments
  • Receipts for travel costs

Vehicle Repairs

  • Proof of ownership
  • Accident report
  • Estimate of essential vehicle repairs
  • Bank statement showing monthly payments
  • Insurance
  • Documentation showing year, make, and mileage


  • Gas/Water/Electric/Cable/Internet/Phone bills, including any arrears

Funeral (assistance available only for costs relating to death of Abbott employee, eligible retiree or eligible dependent)

  • Death certificate
  • Funeral estimate/invoice/receipts


  • Medical invoice/receipts
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical report

Legal Fees, including child support, child custody, bankruptcy.

  • Estimates from attorney (two minimum)

*Available only for Abbott employee or eligible dependents (spouse/child). Extended family (such as parents/siblings) are NOT eligible for support

**Must be legible, current, and contain your information including name, address and phone number, if applicable.

  • In order to fully understand your financial situation, your consultant may ask for documents that demonstrate your largest expenses. For example, if you are requesting assistance with a medical bill, we may need to see your mortgage statement to understand your financial obligations. Your consultant will guide you through this process.