Check Your Financial Health

The Clara Abbott Foundation offers free, confidential financial consulting to Abbott employees and their families. We can help you review your finances and give you the tools and resources necessary to meet your financial goals.

If you’d like to meet with one of our financial consultants, Click here to submit an application for consulting. After receiving your application, we will contact you to set up an appointment to review your financial situation, and work together to develop a financial action plan. For more information, contact us at 1-847-937-1090.

Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to fill out an application to receive consulting?

A: An application is necessary to initiate financial consulting or request monetary assistance from The Clara Abbott Foundation. The Foundation uses the information provided on the application to determine ways to best serve your needs and those of your family members, if necessary.

Q: How long will the financial consulting process take and how many sessions can I have?

A: The number of sessions is determined during the initial financial consultation process. The number of sessions needed is generally between three and five, throughout a one-to-three month period of time. Your individual needs and those of your family members, if applicable, will influence the amount of time you may need with a financial consultant.

Q: What is gained by talking to a financial consultant?

A: The consultant can help you assess the extent of the financial problem.

  • You can discuss the events leading up to the application and its meaning to you
  • Resources (from both within and outside Abbott) can be identified and developed
  • Alternative ways of coping may be identified that may better fit the present situation
  • Follow-up consulting sessions to help review and support your efforts to cope in new ways

Q: Can my spouse receive financial consulting too?

A: Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage your spouse/partner’s participation in the financial consultation process. Our experience shows that one person is rarely ever solely responsible for a particular financial situation. Therefore, it is important that spouses/partners participate in the review and development of the financial plan.

Q: I’m having financial troubles, but I’m worried about talking to someone at the Foundation. How do I know that someone at work won’t find out?

A: Information provided to the Foundation is kept confidential except when required by law, or when The Clara Abbott Foundation suspects or determines that fraud, deceit or concealment has occurred. Otherwise, Foundation cases are not shared with your manager and they are not part of Abbott records or personnel files.