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Dear Colleague,

Since we first shared our services with you last year, we’ve provided financial grants to many of your Rapid Diagnostics colleagues who were struggling to pay their bills. They, like the thousands of Abbott families we help each year never dreamed they would be in a position where they couldn’t meet their monthly financial obligations, but unfortunately financial problems can happen at any time to anyone.

We’re here if you need us.  The Foundation may be able to help with short-term expenses such as:

  • Medical or dental
  • Housing: rent; mortgage; utilities; repairs
  • Costs resulting from a natural disaster or unexpected event
  • Loss of income
  • Transportation and other expenses

Our programs are free, confidential and available solely to Abbott employees with at least two years of Abbott service.  Please click to review complete eligibility information or to apply for assistance. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Caring professionals are standing by ready to help.


Maureen Clayton
Vice President and Executive Director, The Clara Abbott Foundation

Who was Clara Abbott?

Clara Abbott, wife of Abbott founder, Dr. Wallace Abbott, had a passion for helping others. Clara felt that the people who worked at her husband’s company were more than just employees—they were family. Clara honored her husband’s memory by dedicating a portion of her estate to help those who continue to advance the work to which her husband devoted his life. In 1940, The Clara Abbott Foundation was established to help Abbott employees and retirees in need. Today, Clara’s vision is alive and well, providing help and hope to thousands of Abbott families every year.
The Clara Abbott Foundation is a not-for-profit organization managed and funded separately from Abbott. We are not an Abbott benefit, nor entitlement. The Foundation services are subject to change.