We're here if you need us.

Gretna, LA

We are working closely with HR and local site contacts to ensure all those impacted by this disaster have access to the resources they need during this difficult time. You will be hearing more information about available emergency funds via email and text by 9/3/2021. If you have been impacted and require immediate assistance please contact 1-847-937-1090, or email askclara@abbott.com.

LA (outside of Gretna), NY, NJ, PA and other impacted areas

We can provide emergency assistance to any employee who can’t afford, or does not have access to, their resources for food, clothing, or shelter. If you need our assistance, you are encouraged to apply. We have an expedited review process to ensure impacted individuals receive funds quickly.

In the days and weeks following, eligible employees (those with two years of Abbott service), who are unable to afford the repair or replacement of essential household items, can also apply for assistance. If you are struggling with these expenses, we recommend you contact us after you have a better understanding of the damage and any insurance coverage. A full financial review is completed to determine if you qualify for a grant. Awards are not guaranteed.

Due to the high volume of calls, we ask that only employees who are facing an urgent situation call us at 1-847-937-1090, otherwise, please direct questions via email to askclara@abbott.com.