The Clara Abbott Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Abbott families through challenging financial situations.

Statement of Policy

As a charitable organization, The Clara Abbott Foundation (“The Foundation”, “CAF”) is committed to integrity and fairness in the conduct of all of its activities. The Foundation desires to avoid any actual or potential conflict of interest between its charitable purposes and operations, and the personal, business or charitable objectives of:

  1. CAF directors, employees, contractors, or volunteers, as individuals;
  2. a family member or close personal or business associate of a CAF director, employee, contractor or volunteer; or
  3. any organization that is directly or indirectly affiliated with a CAF director, employee, contractor or volunteer

Whenever any actual or potential conflict of interest is identified and/or disclosed, the CAF board member, employee, contractor or volunteer must withdraw or remove him or herself entirely from any further discussion or decision regarding the matter in question.